Many people retire to somewhere like France or Spain but have you ever considered Austria ?

Retiring to Austria

Retiring to Austria and upgrading your lifestyle

Retiring to Austria

It isn't necessary to live half way up a mountain in a ski resort as there are many beautiful regions of attractive rolling countryside which are ideal retirement locations.

Health care.

Austria offers many things to EU citizens and amongst the most important is top class health care.

After Brexit UK citizens gave up their right to move freely to Europe. In order to live in Austria it is now necessary to obtain a red/white/red card See: Red-White-Red Card plus at theAustian Government Website.

Retiring to Austria

Emergency numbers in Austria

There is one basic difference. The system in Austria actually works! If you are registered with a local GP then you will usually be seen without an appointment in under an hour. If he thinks you need to see a specialist, then he gives you a referral note and you then phone the specialist for an appointment. You would usually be seen within a few days but in no longer than a week. If he decides that you need hospital treatment then you will usually be admitted immediately or within a few days.

You pay for prescriptions, of course, currently at the nominal price of 6.30 Euros (2022). However you do not get free prescriptions for life for chronic complaints, you just get the medicines at a subsidised rate.

Under the Austrian health scheme they prefer to try and keep you well. Therefore, you receive a full annual medical - comparable to a BUPA medical - completely free. This is designed to detect possible problems early. Hospitals are spotlessly clean, well equipped and even very small hospitals have MRI scanners, full physio facilities and a whole lot more.

Dental care.

As in many countries the state only pays for very basic care. A simple filling is covered but crowns and more complex treatment are usually payable. Remember that each Bundesland of Austria has a slightly different health system and some provinces pay for more treatment than others. We find that the Steiermark is quite generous. That said, there are plenty of dentists and getting an appointment is no problem. Remember though that Austria shares a border with Hungary so all you need do is drive over the border and get first class treatment at a much lower price. This applies especially to bridges and crowns.


Currently your existing UK state pension can be paid directly to your bank account in Austria and in Euros. You receive the annual increases as well as the Christmas bonuses and are still entitled to the annual heating allowance. Similar arrangements apply to all the other EU member states. Pensions and benefits can be paid to you in Austria.

Thermal Baths

Most of the population of central Europe visit these thermal bath resorts on a regular basis. It is regarded as being part of the process of keeping well and is great fun at the same time. They mostly cost about 15 Euros for four hours or so and you just turn up at the door and pay. No membership fees are payable. You can book a whole week including hotel and full wellness package including massage, water aerobics, beauty treatment and lots more. There are hundreds of these places right across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary.

Cost of living

Living costs have risen in line with International trends. It is more expensive than it used to be.


You don't have to ski ! But if you do, there are thousands of ski lifts and it is a great place to pass the winter. Otherwise there is plenty of walking, riding, golf and also culture which is frequently absent in the sterile developments of coastal Spain.

Sunset in the Steiermark

Sunset in the Steiermark

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For rules, regulations, restrictions, renting-out, pension-transfers and other administrative procedures involved in buying property or relocating to Austria, please visit our more general Euroburo-Austria website.

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